3 Easy Cake Decorating Tips

Easy cake decorating tipsDecorating a cake can be as complex or as easy as you wish. However, you don’t need to use complicated cake decorating techniques to make an amazing looking cake. You can use simple tools that you already have at home that can be highly effective if used creatively.

Today I will share with you easy decorating tricks that you can try on a single or multi-layer cake and impress your family and friends with your creativity and professional looking cake design.

With the following 3 simple cake decorating tips you can turn an ordinary cake into an amazing piece of food art:

Cake Decorating Tip #1

Use what ever tools you already have at home for your cake decorating such as a spoon, knife or fork.

When talking about patterns in the icing it mainly refers to using a spatula or a knife for frosting the cake but cake decorating tools can be as simple as a spoon or fork.

  • The first thing to do is to place your knife completely flat on the frosting and make a quick upward movement. This will help create a peak or a flat effect with the frosting
  • Then you can use the knife or back of the soup or tea spoon to create swirls in a soft frosting or whipped cream
  • You can use a fork to create a line pattern on the sides of the cake or drag a fork in an “S” design through the cake. Maintain the “S” curve pattern so that it appears wavy

Watch the video for the easy cake decorating tips on how to use a spoon and fork to create simple but beautiful looking patterns in your frosting.

Cake decorating tip #2

Make a paper and/or plastic bag cone for cake decorating  instead of buying it at a specialty store.

Many women don’t realize that they don’t necessarily need to buy expensive tools and an expert piping starter kit to create piped design. In other words, a plastic bag and a tiny cut at the tip of one portion can work perfectly for this purpose.

There are always some “little things” that you should know. For instance, here is a cake decorating tip if you are using paper cones for decorating. It is important to secure the edge of the cone simply by applying scotch tape or masking tape. It will prevent the paper bag cone from opening when you are squeezing it and give you more control.

Depending on how you cut the tip of the cone bag you can do different patterns of flowers, rosettes and shell borders. In case you want to make a shell border, simply squeeze a portion of frosting material from the bag cone over the cake. The next step is to move the topmost part of the bag cone down beneath the end of the shell and discontinue squeezing.

Watch the video below to see what materials you can use to make your perfect bag cone at home, how exactly you should cut the tip to get different types of piped design and cake decorating tips on creating frosting patterns.

Cake decorating tip #3

Use edible toppings such as fruits and chocolate for your cake decorating.

The easiest and fastest way to decorate your cake is to sprinkle edible toppings on the top or sides of the cake. You can use nut pieces like sliced almonds, sugar sprinkles, crushed candy canes, shredded coconut, fruits, strips of chocolate, gumdrops or a combination of any of them.

You will never fail if you choose a combination of fresh strawberries, whipping cream and rich dark chocolate ganache for your cake decorating. You can add fresh strawberries and some frosting between the cake layers and then cover the top of the cake and around the edges with the rest of the whipping cream.

Once covered pour the chocolate ganache over the cake, place sliced strawberries on the top of the cake and sprinkle with some chocolate ganache. As you can see there is no need to be a professional cake decorator to make this delicious cake.

Watch the video tutorial below to see how it is really easy to do.

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