Cake Decorating JessieHi! I am Cake Decorating Jessie and your guide to the beautiful and delicious world of cake. I am a cake decorating enthusiast who loves craving sweets that were made with sugar-free dessert recipes and has a passion for anything beautiful and artistic. I see cake decorating as an art and a way how women can express their creativity and add more beauty to our everyday life.

As a beginner I started to make my own cakes from scratch using recipes widely available online. It didn’t take long to find out that many of them don’t work and there are many “little” things that you have to consider or you are setting yourself up for disappointment.

How many times did you try to follow a recipe only to find out that it didn’t work well? The dough didn’t rise or cake wasn’t moist or your frosting mix never turned into the right consistency for cake decorating.

Cake failure

This is why I came up with the idea of cake decorating video tutorials. Let’s face it, in most cases just to have a recipe is not enough. You need to know how the things are actually done and all the “little” cake decorating tips and tricks that make a perfect cake.

This is especially true for cake decorating. You always can see when a cake decorating job is well done or not when you look at the cake borders, shapes, finishing touches and cake decorating techniques. But many women don’t realize that to make an amazing cake you have to do essential preparation work and learn cake decorating techniques before you start your project.

But don’t worry, you’re just a few easy steps away from getting proven recipes, some inspiring cake and cupcake ideas and becoming the cake decorating genius you always were meant to be by learning from professional cake decorators like Keiko.

I created this blog to get you inspired about what a cake decorating beginner can do when she is given the right tools and knowledge and isn’t afraid to try something new. I encourage you to browse my gallery, look through a list of available recipes and cake decorating video tutorials and try to do it at home. You will be amazed how much joy cake decorating can bring to you and your family.

Birthday cake

Images courtesy of aopsan and Dynamite Imagery / FreeDigitalPhotos.net